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At we work together to improve access to affordable, high-quality medical diagnostics... for everyone... in any environment.

Who we are

Founded in 2022 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, is providing a point-of care and home testing platform using agglutination and artificial intelligence-based interpretation. was founded through a collaboration between the University of Utah, the national reference laboratory ARUP Laboratories, and the leading clinical pathology AI platform Techcyte.

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Our history

Like many inventions,’s core technology was born out of the necessity to adjust to a particular difficult situation, i.e. the COVID19 pandemic. We were all anxious to get our pre-pandemic lives back, socialize again with friends and family outside our “bubble”, enjoy going out and travel, and simply be able to return to school or work.


We realized early on that there will be dire need for information regarding our immune status and safety. So we set out to develop a COVID test that will provide information related to our immunity against COVID. Using a well established and sensitive method of agglutination and bringing it up to the 21st century by combining this test with artificial intelligence read-out we came up with a new testing platform and our first product, the SARS-CoV-2 antibody test.

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OUR MISSION - Helping to save lives through innovation

Saving lives by creating innovative, laboratory- quality, and affordable medical diagnostic tests that can be used on location anywhere in the world. Our solutions are aimed at empowering patients by reimagining how mobile devices can be transformed into powerful diagnostic instruments.

OUR VISION – Empower people to make the world a healthier place

Improve global healthcare by making rapid, laboratory- quality, and affordable medical diagnostic tests accessible to anyone in any environment to provide patients, caregivers and public health officials the tools to make fast diagnostic or policy decisions in order to make the world a healthier place.

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Our Leadership

Meet our Team

Rian Wendling


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Vanessa Redecke

Inventor, Co-Founder

Board Member

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Hans Haecker

Inventor, Co-Founder

Board Member

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Erik Kish-Trier

Director of R&D    

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Mark E Astill     

Board Member


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Ben Cahoon 

Board Member

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Kent Gordon

Board Member

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Our Partners

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Board Member 

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