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Rapid, affordable, powerful, AI-based diagnostic tests
right on your smartphone

Rapid and affordable lab-quality testing at the point-of-care and at home

The rapid test combines a unique agglutination-based assay with an artificial-intelligence powered mobile application to deliver rapid, semi- quantitative, and instrument-free diagnostic results on site, in a point-of-care (POC) setting, and in an at-home testing environment.


Sample to answer in under 3 minutes


Results you can count on


Enables insight in any environment


Results calibrated to international standards


Transforming cell phones into diagnostic instruments

Diagnostics in the palm of your hand

No need for expensive equipment. The combination of a special test card, integrated test calibrators, a user-friendly app, and artificial intelligence-based analysis allows for objective, semi-quantitative rapid testing results on your phone. Draft 3
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